The Launch!

So this is post numero uno for my Urban Fantasy website – and not going to lie… a little scary.  However, “nothing ventured” as they say.

Allow me start with an introduction to my website, why I started it, and why I can’t wait to share it with you all.  My website is dedicated to exploring the best authors in both the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance genres.  As a huge SciFi Fantasy reader, I stumbled upon this genre by accident.  I picked up a book called Armed & Magical by Lisa Shearing because – well, the name was hilarious.

The novel didn’t disappoint and I realized I was actually reading book two of the series.  I scrambled to find the first book, Magic Lost, Trouble Found and instantly fell head over heels for this series.

I realized that this was a genre I had never tapped into before and quickly started looking for other authors and books like Lisa Shearin.  Um… didn’t find much.  At all.  So, I actually emailed Lisa Shearin (yes I did) and she gave me a list of some great authors to research.

Fast forward 2 + years and I started my own business building websites for small businesses.  I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about this before, but I knew this was my chance to finally start blogging about something I absolutely love.

And…. voila! was born.  It seems almost sinful that I can sit at home during my breaks at work (ahem – only during breaks – I promise) and write about my favorite genres.  I will be continually adding my thoughts and musings about various books, upcoming book releases, and authors that I have long loved or just discovered.

I would love to hear your thoughts so please don’t be shy in replying to my blog!

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