Upcoming Review: Magic Bites

Magic_Bites1Per my obsession with Ilona Andrews, my next blog post will be a review of the Magic Bites Special Edition release.  There is bonus material I am very anxious to explore.  I was actually going to re-read the book I already have when I discovered that a bright and shiny new version was out on the shelves.

I have seen mixed reviews about the cover of the re-release.  This model also appears on the cover of the upcoming Magic Rises, which I will read vigorously and with much glee.  Although she looks young, she fits the description I had in my head of Kate Daniels.  I almost missed the lion in the upper left corner until I read a newsletter from Ilona Andrews addressing the cover.

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for Ilona Andrews newsletter.  They are a hilarious writing duo (Gordon and Ilona Andrews) and very creative.  You can read my blog post about their free serial, Clean Sweep, and check back weekly for the next chapters.  Clean Sweep: Innkeeper Chronicles

Check back soon for my review of Magic Bites!