Ever After by Kim Harrison

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Post I (of a who-knows-how-long-series).

I’m only on Chapter 8 so far, but I am finding myself stopping to make sure I’m still reading the same author.  The characters are the same… but… (gasp!)  Did Rachel start growing up?  Even acting semi-adult-like?

Perhaps this will change later in the book, but I must admit that the change in Rachel Morgan’s character is a lovely breath of fresh air.  Not that I didn’t love her fiery spunk, but it was getting so irritating having to yell at a fictional character knowing that she was going to make the wrong choice anyway.  At least now I can cheer her on thinking, “Way to go!!!  Tink’s pink panties, Rache!  When did you learn to act like that?”

While I am overjoyed at the fact that Rachel Morgan may be starting to make some not-so-stupid decisions, there is a part of me that is sniffing away a tear.  I mean… they grow up so fast!

Drop a line and let me know what you think if you’ve read it – I’m not a freak about spoilers but if there is one, I may have to put “SPOILER ALERT” somewhere prominent if I publish your post.  Some people are picky like that 😉

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