Clean Sweep Ilona Andrews


Clean Sweep – Innkeeper Chronicles – is a free serial by Ilona Andrews and published exclusively on their website, usually on a weekly basis.  According to the Gordon and Ilona Andrews writing team, this serial fiction “gives the reader something to look forward too, something to talk about.”  And my goodness, it surely does.

My feelings toward the Ilona Andrews writing team are something on the borderline between love and extreme obsession.  I will go out of my way to find anything, anything they write.  The stories are full of wit, unique and in your face worlds, and there is something wonderfully new in each book as well as each series.

They are the kind of authors that make you say… “OMG, I like this the best.  NO!  OMG I like this one the best!  AHHHH!!!!!!!”  Ok.  Maybe a bit dramatic, but just like their other series – Kate Daniels and The Edge, the Innkeeper Chronicles does not disappointment.

The story involves a girl name Dina who has a magical connection to the small Inn she runs called Gertrude Hunt.  The story is set in White Deer, Texas in Avalon, a suburban neighborhood full of regular, ordinary folk – blissfully ignorant of magic.

At first, it seems as though the murdered dogs in the neighborhood could be the work of a mountain lion.  But Dina, who runs the Inn for magical guests, knows better.  She knows there is more than meets the eye with the animal killings as well as her “bad ass” emanating neighbor, Sean Evans.

As usual, Ilona Andrews takes our idea of magical normalcy and blasts it out of the water with a giant canon and then turns the aftermath into a colorful display of fireworks.  I would love to be peek into their brains, just to see how they come up with such creative ideas.  This series is something you do not want to miss.

Here is a link directly to her Innkeeper Chronicles page.  My suggestion?  Start with Chapter 1.

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