Magic Bites Bonus Material


Magic Bites: Special Edition Bonus Material

Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews is the first book in the Urban Fantasy series starring Kate Daniels and Curran Lennart.  The series takes place in a stunning and unique rendition of the city of Atlanta.

I have read this book probably a zillion times – ok I am exaggerating, maybe – and I adore these characters and this series.  With that said, I will admit that this book is a pretty slow to start.  Once the action gets going, however, it doesn’t stop until the very end.  I have purposefully left the name of the bad guy out of this summary just in case.

Kate Daniels is a deadly sword master and a mercenary living in a world that can’t make up its mind between magic and technology.  At times, magic invades the world and feylanterns hum with light and anything tech stops working.  Only to have the magic later drain away so technology can reassert itself.

Thanks to a necromancer piloting an undead vampire, Kate learns that her guardian and had been murdered.  Although she works for the Mercenary Guild, Kate manages to get access to her guardian’s case at the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid.

Kate has taken great pains to avoid bringing attention to herself.  She has a plan for her life.  He is going to kill Roland, the leader of all necromancers and possibly the most powerful man in the world.  He is also Kate’s biological father.  The investigation threatens to push her identity into the spotlight and maybe into Roland’s line of sight.

She must learn to play nicely with the big wigs in Atlanta and keep a low profile at the same time.  When evidence turns up linking Greg’s killer to the shapeshifters, Kate must deal with Curran, The Beast Lord of Atlanta.  Leader of the Free People of the Code, Curran is stubborn and overbearing, and he expects to be obeyed without thought or question.  Curran and Kate clash (big time) while they attempt to find her guardian’s killer.

The evidence then leads Kate to believe that Max Crest, a plastic surgeon she is casually seeing, may be the killer.  When Kate, Curran, and a band of lycanthropes confront Crest, Kate knows their could-have-been relationship is over.  He is not the killer.

Finally, Kate catches a break after interrogating an undead vampire’s head (yes, seriously).  Kate, Curran, and Alphas of the different shapeshifter clans track down the location of Greg’s killer.  An epic battle ensues where Kate is nearly crushed by a collapsing ceiling and the Beast Lord receives third degree burns fro breaking through a blood ward to rescue her.

It’s finally over… or is it?  Too many things don’t add up for Kate who believes the fight isn’t over yet.  Curran accuses her of being a power hungry merc who got a taste for the limelight and doesn’t want to fade back into the shadows.

When Kate receives a severed head on a pole with a note attached to it, Curran has to admit that she had been right.  The real killer identifies himself and his plan to Kate, but she manages to fend him off, forcing him to leave.   Shortly after, Kate learns that Derek, her teenage werewolf sidekick, has been taken by Greg’s murderer.

After a gruesome phone call, Kate and Curran travel to the final battle.  After a good luck kiss from Curran, and a stab to the killer’s heart, they emerge victorious.

Later, Kate is recovering in her home and wakes up to banging on her roof.  The Beast Lord had broken into her house by bashing through roof earlier in the story.  At the end of this book, the Beast Lord and Derek are patching up her roof and Kate accepts a fulltime position with the Knight of Order.


At the end of Magic Bites, Gordon and Ilona Andrews added some great bonus material.  My favorite portion is the POV of Curran.  Gordon Andrews wrote a few scenes from the book through Curran’s eyes.  I love getting his perspective, and I found it was startlingly different from Kate’s.  I would love to see a whole book from Curran’s point of view, but I’ll take anything I can get.

The bonus material includes:

  • FAQs about the series (Did you know that Dr. Doolittle is a honey badger?  Thanks for the mouse, stupid!)
  • Character profiles (I hope they do this with Magic Burns because I’d like to read Andrea’s)
  • Explanation of the different factions (Mercenary Guild, The People, etc.)
  • Faction Quiz (Which would you belong to?  Apparently, I would be a shapeshifter)
  • Curran’s POV (Awesome…just really awesome)
  • A Questionable Client, the prequel to Magic Bites about Kate and Saiman.  This short story also gives some background on Kate and her involvement with the Vohlv’s.  This relationship surfaces later in the series and is not necessary to understand the storyline.