Urban Fantasy

What is Urban Fantasy?

chloe-neill_hard-bittenUrban Fantasy is a combination genre that can be considered as a subset of Fantasy.  It is a melting pot of all sorts of elements from many other genres – A cup of fantasy, stick of mystery, dash of romance, sautéed in horror and thriller, and cooked to perfection.  As per its name, the setting is usually located or centered around the idea of a “city” or urban setting.  Most of the novels I have read are set in modern time, the author’s version of modern time, or the near future.  My Favorite Urban Fantasy Authors.

What is Paranormal Romance?

lover-unbound-j-r-wardParanormal Romance is quite similar to its sibling genres in romance.  Insert a vampire here, a shapeshifter there, throw around some magic and maybe a space ship and you’ll have a Paranormal Romance novel.  The conflicts are exceptional and the resolutions are steamy.   Like Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance can have a setting in an urban or city-like area and is usually set in “modern” time.  I will have a page dedicated to my favorite Paranormal Romance Authors in the new future – check back again soon!

Urban Fantasy vs. Paranormal Romance

It’s important to point out that Paranormal Romance is different from Urban Fantasy but they do share most of the same elements.  Readers of Urban Fantasy will most likely enjoy Paranormal Romance books.  The primary difference is how the story relates to the relationship of the main characters.  Meaning, in Paranormal Romance, the story line surrounds the love story between two main characters.  However, in Urban Fantasy the plot focuses on issues and conflict outside of a romantic relationship.